Don't Just Guess With Weight Loss...TEST!

We Test 96 Foods To See How YOUR Body Reacts To Foods!

    Discover The Slim & Trim Difference!

    Most other programs out there are a 1 size fits all approach! Whether you have 20 pounds to lose or 100 pounds to lose the protocol is the same! Maybe some pre-packaged foods or snacks. Maybe a few supplements. A simple food list to choose from.

    We focus on a breakthrough technology that TESTS your body to determine which foods are helpful and which are harmful for YOUR body!

    Are you sensitive to GLUTEN?

    What about DAIRY?

    We'll find out & CUSTOMIZE your food list based on how you react to food! From there the results are remarkable! The fat will melt off, you'll be energized...less achy / inflamed...and feel great!

    This is a simple blood test (finger prick) done in our office! We have a 3rd party lab that performs the test and the results come back within 10-12 days.

    In Addition To Your "Acceptable / Customized" Food List...You'll Receive:

    • Doctor Supervision / Follow-Up Visits / Accountability!
    • 30-Page Slim & Trim Recipe Book!
    • 60 Day Daily Journal To Track Your Foods & Successes!
    • 22-Page Procedure Manual To Educate & Empower You To Keep The Weight Off LONG-TERM!
    • 4 Supporting Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements To Help With Digestion, Energy, Cravings, Blood Glucose Control, Inflammation etc.
    • UNLIMITED 24/7 Email Access To The Doctor!